Electrical Services

OMEC provides services for the wide range of Low Voltage and High Voltage electrical projects which includes supply erection and commissioning of Transformers , HT & LT Panels ,Cabling and terminations , Diesel Power Generators ,UPS Systems Static Transfer Switches ,Earthing networks ,Internal & External Electrification , Data Cabling , Security Systems , Erection of equipments and stringing at Substations and switch yards and associated civil works.

Industrial Electrification

OMEC under take the complete industrial electrical projects in supply, erection, installation and commissioning of HT /LT overhead line, substation, Transformers, various electrical control panel, cable laying and termination, fire alarm system and industrial electrification. Industrial buildings require well planned lighting system providing a comfortable and safe working atmosphere. We frame and implement the service modules as per our design requirement.

We offer various types of services in Electrification Projects to our customers. All these services are provided With the help of the advanced technology and skilled professionals. Our services are utilized in commercial and industrial areas.

Our product range also comprises of Substation Erection Services, Electrical Contractor Services and Switchgear Erection Services

Erection of substation

We are instrumental in rendering a spectrum of Substation Erection Services to our clients. These services are offered by our professionals using quality components and material. Our services are widely acknowledged for their timely execution, reliability and effectiveness. we offer solutions for GIS & AIS substations projects. Our services includes providing and laying cable trays Cables , Erection of Transformers , Yard side Equipment , Control room , HVAC , Fire Protection, and O&M. We have executed projects Ranging from 33 KVA to 230KVA substation in the recent past.

Erection and commissioning of switchyard

The switchyard is basically integration of several electrical equipments suitably after complete design and engineering. Some of the electrical equipment generally used in the switchyards are Station Transformer, Circuit Breakers, Isolators, Current Transformer & Potential Transformer, Lightning Arrestors, Control & Relay Protection Panel, Substation Automation System (SAS), Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC), Tariff Metering (ABT Meters), 2/4 pole Steel Structures, Insulators, Earthing, Illumination, Hardware Materials, Cables & Cable Trays.

For any project, design and engineering of the entire project is completed taking all parameters into consideration to ensure smooth system integration. After this, procurement, supply and installation is carried out in a sequential manner. Testing and commissioning of switchyards are performed as per applicable standards.

Construction Transmission towers

The general procedure for erecting transmission towers is similar to that for poles, but towers present more problems. The towers require foundations which are taller and heavier and are therefore more difficult to erect. The conductors are larger with longer spans making wire stringing a more difficult job.

We carry out the following works along with the clients support.

  • Clearing right-of-way for the line
  • Installing tower footings
  • Grounding tower base
  • Erecting transmission towers
  • Insulator installation
We also undertake to do liasoning with the respective electricity boards.

Supply of electrical equipments and bulks

Electrical equipment and other bulk materials are vital to every job site. Erection team need electrical products not only to run their equipment but also to install electrical systems into projects they do. Project managers need the right equipments with the correct specifications along with the wires, fittings and switches to make repairs and the control room needs circuit breakers and push buttons to create electrical components. We can supply the entire electrical items which are required in electrical projects. These supplied items shall be conforming to the regulations that apply to the supply of electrical equipment and appliances.

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