Telecom Services

OMEC provides the entire gamut of service to the telecommunication towers right from the logistic till the commissioning of telecom towers. The services of OMEC to these projects starts from acquiring / leasing land & building , laisoning , Construction of Foundations for the Towers , ODC , DG and other ancillary equipments , Erection of lattice towers , Erection of equipment , Electrical works such as cabling , Earthing etc

Erection of RTT, GBM,GBT

OMEC role of as a tower infrastructure company , pitches in at the construction and commissioning of the telecom towers. The main works include site erection and commissioning of tower and allied equipment. After commissioning, the site maintenance including provision of support services such as back-up power, air-conditioning and security which is normally handled by the tower companies.

Telecom towers are ground based tower (GBT) or a roof top tower (RTT) or GBM. Ground based towers are erected on the ground with a height of 40 meters to 80 meters. These ground based towers are mostly installed in rural and semi-urban areas because of the easy availability of land. Roof-Top Tower (RTT) on the other hand, is placed on the terrace of high-rise buildings particularly in urban areas. We undertake all works from Civil to commissioning of the tower including soil testing.

Foundation & Fencing

we undertake fencing of all types of telecom towers

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