Growing evidence suggests improved outcomes can be reached when treating oligometastatic disease with radical intent. As a uniform definition and work-up of oligometastasis in esophago-gastric cancer is lacking, we have initiated the ‘OligoMetastasis in Esophago-gastric Cancer’ (OMEC)-project.

The aim of the OMEC-project is to develop a multidisciplinary European consensus statement on the definition, diagnostic criteria and treatment for oligometastatic esophago-gastric cancer.

The OMEC-project is endorsed by DUCG, ESSO, ESTRO, ESDE, ESMO, EORTC-GI, and the European Chapter of the IGCA.

In short, the OMEC-project will consist of 5 studies


Study protocol for the OligoMetastatic Esophagogastric Cancer (OMEC) project: A multidisciplinary European consensus project on the definition and treatment for oligometastatic esophagogastric cancer

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A systematic review on definition, diagnosis, treatment and outcome of oligometastastic esophagogastric cancer;

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Discussing 15 of real-life clinical cases distributed by the OMEC-core group, asking experts for multidisciplinary team responses on whether the case is considered oligometastatic and what the proposed treatment should be;

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Delphi consensus rounds through 2 online survey Delphi rounds and a consensus meeting, resulting in a consensus statement;

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Publication of a European consensus statement based on OMEC-1-3;


A prospective study